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The Journey Begins

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Thanks for joining us! We’ve started this blog as a way of sharing our thoughts and experiences in the world of gaming. We’re both part of the generation that grew up blowing cartridges and carrying cheat codes in our wallets. Growing up hasn’t reduced our passion for gaming, but it certainly has reduced the time we have to dedicate to it.

This blog is aimed at gamers like us, who now have the money to buy the games we want, but don’t always have the time to play them. We actually both have a backlog of 50+ games each, worth easily over 1,000 hours of play (yikes!). Our posts will focus on analyzing games we are currently playing, reviewing recent releases, discussing general interest topics in gaming, covering gaming-related events, and also listening what others have to say about the entertainment industry.

Edu currently lives in Boston with his loving wife and wonderful dog. He’s been gaming since he first got his SNES + DKC bundle as a kid. He now works in management consulting, which means spending a lot of time on the road, so most of his gaming is currently done on his Nintendo Switch.

David is based in New York and works in banking. He currently focuses on kicking ass on Overwatch, but he is also a huge fan of movies, TV series and reading.

We hope that our blog will help our readers make informed decisions when it comes to spending their gaming time wisely, or at the very least, will have fun joining us for the journey.

Here we goooooooo! – Mario


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I've been a gamer since the SNES days and Donkey Kong Country was the first game I ever owned.
I currently work as a management consultant, and my console of choice is the Nintendo Switch, which I carry with me during my travels.

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  1. Hi there! I’ve been gamer since my beloved mamy bought us a pentium III and my brother and I discovered age of empires and steam (mostly valve and counter)
    Nice blog to read about you my friends!

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    • Awesome!! I remember having a Pentium III as well, although I mostly played Doom. Good times! Great hearing from you, stay tuned for our upcoming posts!


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